Vicky Mei Chen


Artist Statement

My work explores the physical and psychological juxtaposition of natural landscapes and human-made creations. The calmness of the natural landscape is timeless while the human made creations express the ever-changing aspects of everyday occurrences. In addition, the presence of figurative representation resonates positivity and fosters feelings of collectiveness and connection.

The overall artistic style of my work amplifies the atmosphere and vibrancy of a place using a broad range of colors with a strong graphic quality. There is a contrast in the bold graphic elements of the lines and colors versus the delicate surface and attention to details. The use of linear perspective is very prominent, which distinguishes the relationship between background and foreground.

Each piece is hand-crafted with great level of intricacy in an effort to prolong the viewers’ gaze and leave them with new discoveries. It is my intent to evoke a sense of belonging and tell the story of our time and our place. My works are neither touristic scenes nor representations of famous landmarks, but reflections that personify the history and identity of our place.